"Making soap is more than a craft. It is an ancient art which asks me,
the maker, to slow down and enter a meditative state of consciousness where I combine elements in a
balance to create a magical expression that holds a piece of myself." - Eva Stuglovics, owner of Soapistication




A Note From Eva






Each soap is inspired by Shamanic and Yogic principles of mediation, purity, and wholeness.

Soapistication's soaps and body care products made with certified organic ingredients and botanical from all over the world.

Vegan and handmade in small batches without the use of synthetic chemicals, dyes or fragrance oils.
Soapistication's soaps are scented with pure essential oils and colored with botanicals and clays from Mother Nature.

Eva begins by acquiring organic herbs, (such as jasmine, lavender, calendula, helichrysum, chamomile,sunflower petals, vanilla beans) and infuse them in olive oil so the skin healing qualities of the herbs are fully present in the final bar of soap. The oil-herb infusion takes 3-6 weeks. Once the oils are fully emerged with the healing botanicals, she strains the herbs by hand and slowly mixes it with organic vegetable oils and butters.Once the mixing process is complete, she pours the mixture into molds. After taking them out of the molds, the soaps will airdry for 3-5 weeks to last longer and lather better.
It is a long process that requires much consideration to see how much time, love goes to a bar of carefully crafted handmade soap.
The outcome is a luxurious body butter bar that is well worth it.
We hope you think so to.
May we all walk in balance and beauty