The Modern Alchemist, Eva Stuglovics, describes her thoughts around soap making.




A Note From Eva






I made my very first soap in the spring of 2005 with my great friend, Faye Burtch,
an accomplished herbalist in Pennsylvania, who taught me how to
craft the purest soaps from plant-based ingredients with love and beauty.
To face Faye's tradition, I add my own experience working in various
spiritual traditions to create soaps that are a reflection of my soul, values and my spirituality.

From my yoga studies with Ana Forrest to the shamanic healing work I have performed under
the guidance of many teachers, these spiritual practices are evident not only in the
physical and energetic qualities of my soaps, but also in their special designs,
such as The Sacred Bear and The Eye of Horus.

Making soap is more than a craft. It is an ancient art which asks me,
the maker, to slow down and enter a meditative state of consciousness where I combine elements in a
balance to create a magical expression that holds a piece of myself.

I feel like a modern alchemist when I stand over the
warm pot of oil with my whisk in hand, mixing aromatic botanicals into a rich,
creamy liquid that will be shaped and carved in my very own hands into its final form.


Soap is cleansing and purifying. I believe that what soap does on a physical level
penetrates our spiritual being as well. A slow shower with a lovingly made
bar of soap can energize us as we embrace the beginning of a new day and
wash away the stresses of a long day
and all the possibility it may hold.

This is why I only include the purest ingredients in my soaps - dried herbs and high quality essential oils,
without chemicals, dyes, or synthetic fragrances - taking special care to prepare them.
The result is soaps that cleanse away impurities in a way that
allows the soul's light to shine forth, rather than diminish it by adding toxins
to your body, leaving your skin soft, nourished, and whole.

My soaps also embody the four elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) traditionally called upon by indigenous
cultures throughout the world and combined my studies in Polarity Therapy,
bringing balance and harmony to all life.

The essential oils invoke the element of air
the sodium hydroxide (lye) the spark of fire
the water and organic oil infusions the element of water
the plants, grains, and resins the heart of the earth

Through the powerful combination of these physical and spiritual ingredients, Soapistication'a soaps
help to connect us to the elements that are within us and all around us and
deepen our understanding of ourselves and the earth.

Many thanks to my friends for their love, support, encouragement, and feedback.
Special thanks to my teachers, past, present, and future.
Thanks to the plants for their teachings.
May we all walk in balance and beauty.