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Kaylin's Kit! Kaylin loved Soapistication soaps and gave a wonderfully honest review.

Dino Soap Review
Gnosis Chocolate Soap Bar

"Eva's Soapistication soaps are excellent. I have sensitive skin and every soap I've used has cleaned me up without drying me out or causing negative reactions. I've even used some of her soaps to wash my hair - which is naturally curly and also naturally dry - and again, my hair doesn't feel stripped. It responds beautifully and feels great afterward (FYI: I also still use conditioner). I love that Eva uses ingredients that are ecologically-friendly and sustainably sourced - whether they're organic, wild-crafted, or from trusted growers. It's so important that it's wonderful from start-to-finish. Nota Bene: If you've got a particular skin condition, Eva can customize a soap for you! She made a unique batch for a friend with excema (severe on her hands) and she said it was so creamy and lovely on her skin."- Rossana R. New York, NY

"I love Eva's Alchemy soap. It smells amazing & has a great lather." - Sue N., New York, NY

"Eva's products are such a treat. They smell great, they feel incredible, they last well and they're made with so much care. Soapistication is a real gift, treat yourself!" - Kyra P.R. New York, NY

"Just wanted to say that the soaps were amazing and everyone was very happy with their look and quality! Thank you!" -Paloma S, Berkeley,CA

"Just had to tell you how much I LOVE your soap!!
the bright fresh smell is so invigorating! I m a huge fun of the chocolate,this soap smelled wonderful!! That may be what heaven is going to smell like. I have a super sensitive and dry skin and this soap is one of the few things that doesn't irritate it!! It just makes me feel so good. The moisturizing essential oils,leaves my skin silky smooth, I cannot believe how smooth it feels.My hands and body have never been so soft! For the first time in years I don't have to use lotion! I just have to tell you that your organic soaps are amazing!" - Niki L., La Puente, CA


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